Pleco Catfish Natural Slate Spawning 4-Way Cave Set


This beautifully handcrafted slate cave is made from new, natural slate. With over 1000 slate caves sold through various outlets, we have perfected our skill and technique to ensure every cave is made to the highest standard and built to last.

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Slate is the perfect natural material for aquarium use. It is inert meaning it won’t affect your water parameters. Unlike many natural products slate won’t leach any tannin’s which could discolour and cloud your water. Each cave has been fully washed and sterilised after assembly and is ready to introduce straight to your aquarium with a quick rinse to remove any dust gathered in transport.

The slate will turn to a pleasing dark, even tone when submerged in water. This will complement and amplify the bright and vibrant colours of any tropical fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants.

As well as serving as a beautiful decoration for your aquarium this slate cave will provide cover for shy or nocturnal species of fish or invertebrates. Cave spawning species will make this their home and surface egg layers will also be attracted to the smooth surface of the slate to spawn on.



  • Made with new, natural, freshly quarried slate.
  • Inert, won’t affect water parameters.
  • Crafted by hand using 100% aquarium safe materials.
  • Edges are filed smooth to ensure safety for your fish.



  • Length: 14 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Height: 5.5 cm


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