P-200F Internal 2W 200L/H Filter & Water Pump


For Terrariums, Ponds and Aquariums.

Carefree Maintenance and Crystal Clear Water.

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Use vertically in Aquariums up to 50 litres

  • Slim design, easily hidden.
  • Easily portable for quick clean up in multi-tank systems.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a primary filter.


Use horizontally in Terrariums or Reptile Environments up to 50 litres

  • Low profile, easily hidden.
  • Circulates and filters water.
  • Reliable quiet motor.


Performance Features

  • Full-floating turbine impeller system-no washers, no end caps, minimal wear.
  • Acoustically sealed-smooth, quiet, reliable.
  • Agitation at the water surface reduces the pressure for fish and maximize oxygen.
  • Ideal for fresh or saltwater.
  • Easily adapts to a waterfall for ponds and terrariums.



  • Model: P-200F
  • Voltage/Frequency: AC220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 2W
  • Max Flow: 200L\h
  • Schutz: IPX8

The filter is brand new but does not come with its original packaging.

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