Mydilab Betta Relax 100% Natural Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Agent


The natural property of the Mydilab Betta Relax will help enhance the natural colour of Betta fish speeding up the recovery rate in case of damaged fins and inducing the spawning in the breeding tank.


The Mydilab Betta Relax – 100% natural plant extract which works as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. The extract provides natural anti-bacterial properties, promote vibrant colouration and improve overall water quality for most soft-water fishes like Betta, Killifish, Tetra, Discus, Apistogramma, Gourami etc.


Main Features:

  • Enhances fish’s colouration.
  • Contains calcium which enhances fish’s muscle, teeth, bone and scale development.
  • Speeds up healing of bodily injuries and illnesses.
  • Maintains aquarium water at a low pH level.
  • Absorbs harmful substances in the aquarium water.
  • Works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.
  • Enhances the fertility of fish’s eggs.


How to use: start adding 1 ml per 1 litre of the aquarium water monitoring pH, increase/decrease the dosage depending on the required pH level.



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