Manaus Levamicil


Levamicil is a new development of Manaus Aquarium with the active phenyl, tetrahydro and thiazole ingredients for the successful treatment of nematodes diseased ornamental fish. Levamicil includes one of the most effective pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of nematode infested fish and this is a particularly effective drug by the pharmaceutical formulation (composition). Levamicil is compatible with all fish species.


Levamicil frees your fish effectively of nematodes. All ornamental fish species can be infected by roundworms (nematodes). Most of the fish with nematodes infections are caused by hairworms (Capillaria sp.) and Camallanus cotti. Discus fish are often in the intestines of a certain type of ascarids (Oxyuridae sp.) infested which also belongs to the nematodes.

These parasitic infections are untreated responsible for a slow go away of animals to death. Juveniles and small fish die in an attack after a short time on the parasites. Parental fish infected by nematodes should be treated with Levamicil before breeding. The preparation is characterized by a very rapid therapeutic response and very good compatibility even with juveniles. Levamicil is free of polymeric solubilizers. Levamicil doesn’t colour the water or make it turbid (bacterial bloom).

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