Manaus Diploral


Manaus Aquarium Diploral was developed after careful analysis of the demand for minerals and trace elements have the fish in the artificial biotope aquarium. Especially with fish from very soft originating waters with low pH values, it comes through the use of softened water by osmosis and ion exchange treatment to a lack of supply of fish organism.



Diploral leads your fish to important minerals and trace elements. If there is no supply of essential minerals, it is easy for deficiency diseases adjust, such as: the hole disease in cichlids (holes forming in the head region in discus), poor growth and deformation of the skeleton of juveniles (also missing gill cover in young discus fish in the ornamental fish breeding). Diploral should be used for 4 – 6 weeks directly after successful treatment against intestinal parasites.

Dosage: 5g per week per 100 litres (5g is approx. one heaped teaspoon), add to the aquarium water (with very soft water up to 10g per 100 litres).

Ingredients per 1g:

  • 100 mg calcium
  • 20 mg potassium
  • 56 mg sodium
  • 20 mg magnesium
  • 216 mg chloride
  • 82 mg sulfate
  • 150 mg Hydrogencarbonate
  • Trace elements: iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt

100g of Diploral is sufficient for 2000 litres of aquarium water. Always follow the instructions before use. Keep out of reach of children and pets! Protect from light and heat.

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