Czech-Made Spirulina Fish Flakes


Czech Spirulina Fish Flakes contain a potent combination of high protein nutrients designed to enhance natural colour, improve fin development and boost the immune system of most tropical fish.


What you feed your fish is an essential part of having healthy and colourful fish. If your fish have a good healthy diet they will handle other kinds of stress much better. They will be less prone to diseases and stress caused by poor water conditions etc, and they will grow faster, look better, and breed more prolifically too.

Czech-Made Spirulina Fish Flakes contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and valuable nutrients. They have remarkable regenerating, healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Ingredients: chlorella algae, fish and fish by-products, cereals, vegetable protein concentrates, dried yeast, oils, fats, vitamins and minerals.


Crude Analysis:

  • Chlorella 34.0%
  • Crude protein > 46.0%
  • Crude fat > 5.8%
  • Crude fiber < 1.1%
  • Moisture < 6.0%



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