EasyFish Black Water Conditioner


A water conditioner contains essential trace elements vitamins and extracts of peat, tropical roots, bark and wood originated from the rain forest. This black water extract helps to stimulate fish nature body colouration, improve spawning rate and increase the immune system.


EasyFish Black Water is a highly effective peaty concentrate enriched by an extract from the leaves of Terminalia catappa and Psidium guajava intended for the treatment of aquarium water. It supports intensity of fish colouring, it contains a large amount of humic acids and tannins, comparable to the original fish habitat. When used, the aquarium water acquires an amber colour. EasyFish Black Water has a positive effect on the development of roes and fish fry. It strongly reduces the algae growth in aquarium tanks and has significant bacteriostatic and antifungal effects. Simultaneously, it stimulates natural conditions suitable for spawning and rearing of most of aquarium fish it creates very similar conditions to the tropical biotope.

How to dose: use one press of the batcher per 30 litres weekly. Overdosing has no negative impacts. Shake before use. Once opened, use within 6 months.



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