AquaNova 100W Adjustable Aquarium Heater


The majority of aquarium fish come from warmer climates and their water needs to be kept above room temperatures. An aquarium heater will keep your fish tank at the right temp to keep your fish healthy and happy.

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The AquaNova 100W Aquarium Heater is made of Quartz glass and therefore has a superior unbreakable design. Completely waterproof and equipped with an accurate thermostat. The heater can be placed both horizontally and vertically in the aquarium. The heating can be removed hot from the water without it breaking. The Aqua Nova heater has a perfect dial for setting the right temperature and is equipped with an automatic thermostat with light indication. There is a special protective cap that protects the tip of the heater if its tip is stuck in the sand. This is really well thought out!



  • Quartz heater with thermostat.
  • Fully submersible heater technology.
  • Quartz material is used so the heater can be taken out of the water and will not crack whilst hot.
  • Simple setup and operation, quick start.
  • Easy temperature adjustment panel with knob and AquaNova precision setting.
  • On/off the light to indicate that the heater thermostat is on or off, this heater has an automatic thermostat to maintain consistent water temperature.
  • All models come with thick rubber suction caps, for easy attachment to the Aquarium wall.
  • Very reliable and long-lasting with SAA, CE approvals.
  • Full instructions and setup tips.



  • Suitable for aquarium 100 litres ≥ 40-60 cm
  • Length: 26 cm
  • Adjustable: 20 – 32 degrees

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